Tuesday, April 19. 2016

People just crushing out those DUB's today!!

Some very strong people mentally, cursing their rope (and each other) and carrying on with the WOD even with a bunch of wasted reps. That is how we get better and I was extremely impressed with the mentality you all had today. 

Now on to some squats. 


Back Squat 

After some work on our squat therapy and general mobility in and around the hips we are going to hit this beautiful little EMOM that I can't wait to try myself. 

10min EMOM

  • 0 - 5 Back Squats
  • 1 - 100m Shuttle Run

You will alternate between these two movements. There are no given percentages for this back squat as we will give you 10 minutes to establish what weight you will be using and hit it. The running should take you in the 30-40sec range so scale accordingly so you have at least 15-20secs to set up on the bar without being completely winded. If you really wanna run outdoors we can negotiate. 


  • 40 Plate G2OH
  • 30 OH Walking Lunges
  • 20 Burpees on to a plate

Clean your plate!!

- Team 782