Monday, April 11, 2016

Big weekend here at 782 and abroad. 

More details to follow as the information starts to seep in, but want to give a big shout out to Katrina & Jill who were in Halifax at their level 1 CrossFit Certificate course and I can't wait to hear about everything they learned and were able to take part in over there. 

As well we had a big group of athletes over at the Spring Fling competing and we'll follow up with details on how everyone fared in their events. 

For tomorrow we are back at it hitting a few reps and having some fun!


Front Squat x 3reps - from the floor - 12-15mins to build in weight and form

After Friday's front squats we wanted to give our legs a couple of days off, but want to hit some heavier weight so that when we come back to that weight later we'll feel more comfortable under the bar. Focus on breathing and try to squat clean that first rep if you can and then complete 2 more efficient reps. 



  • WBS
  • Pullups or Ring Rows

For this workout you wanna try to go unbroken for the WBS and then for the ring rows or pullups try to hang on to finish them in big sets. Bit of a sprint for this one. 

- Team 782