Tuesday, March 29. 2016

Will keep this post short and sweet to get the week started off right and we'll share the tears and blood later in the week congratulating you and thanking you for all the hard work over the past 5 weeks that has been put in! 

We are back to our regular scheduling and will be updated you all on our programming for the next year. We'll be breaking it down into 2 month increments, focused each on different aspects of fitness. Focused means it will be biased towards certain elements of fitness, but at the end of the day we'll still be hitting functional movement with constant variety at high intensity. 

Our teens program will be back to it's regular schedule this Wednesday at 330 and we'll be making some changes to the programming leading into the end of the spring and early summer. 


Freestanding Handstands/American KBS/Shoot throughs

In teams of 2 or 3 you will move through these movements together. Help one another on the handstands and then hit a few heavier KBS to work on posture and then hit a few shoot throughs to work on body control. 

3 rounds

  • 10-15 second handstand hold or 25ft handstand walk
  • 10 heavy American KBS
  • 3 Shoot throughs

Each person will do the movement before moving onto the next exercise. Help one another on the handstands and then do the KBS together and then alternate for your shoot throughs. 


6 min AMRAP

  • 6 HSPU
    • 30 DU's     

Just go. Short and sweet, but a lot of skill involved. Scale as necessary for the handstand pushups to keep moving. 

- Team 782