Wednesday, February 10. 2016


Open prep has been going amazing. You are all crushing everything we are throwing at you. Keep it up and we'll keep challenging you to the very end. Like tomorrow. Can't wait for tomorrow. 

Mike and I had one of our super exclusive, super cool bromance meetings today and it was super awesome. And guess what it was about. The 782 comp. In the words of BH (Brett Hancock, in case you were wondering) "it's gonna be super unreal." We have confirmed that the comp is going to be Saturday, May 21st and will run all day. The registration is going to go live at the first of next week with details of the comp to follow and the WODs will be released over the next few weeks. Get yourself ready to go!


Ring Dips/Pushups/Box Dips

Get yourself comfortable moving your body weight. After a solid warmup we'll hit a few of these to get ready for the WOD. 


  • 21 Ring Dips or 21 Box Dips or 21 Pushups
  • 50cal Row
  • 15 Ring Dips/15 Box Dips/15 Pushups
  • 50 American KBS
  • 9 Ring Dips/9 Box Dips/9 Pushups
  • 50 Burpees

Looks like soooooooo much fun. We'll run this in heats with a 25 minute time cap. 

Control your breathing and keep yourself calm during this workout. 

- Team 782