Monday, February 8, 2016

To those who watched, hope you all enjoyed the Super Bowl 

That halftime show was legit!!


Snatch Technique - Multiple Power Snatches

Take 10 minutes to work on low volume, but high efficiency snatch work before the workout. Work on your power snatch and try stringing together multiple reps. Make sure you are getting under the bar so that when you are tired your first rep looks like your last. 


10min Ascending Ladder

  • 2 Snatches (115/75lbs) (95/65lbs) (75/55lbs)
  • 10 DU's or 30 SU's
  • 4 Snatches 
  • 20 DU's/60 SU's
  • 6 Snatches
  • 30 DU's/90 SU's
  • 8, 40/120
  • 10, 50/150...

Get as high as you can in 10 minutes. It won't be the first three rounds that set you apart, but those next three. Maintain a steady pace, control your breathing, and move efficiently like you practiced in the strength portion. 

- Team 782