Sunday. February 7, 2016

Here we are for another day in paradise!

Hope you are all having a great weekend and can't wait to get in here and crush some workouts leading up to the open!


5min EMOM

  • 3-5 HSPU (or 20sec handstand hold) + 5 High Box Jumps

After a solid warmup for the shoulders and our posterior chain we'll hit this little beauty of an EMOM. Depending on where you are with your handstand pushups choose your number and try to have them finished in 15 to 20 seconds so you can get the box jumps done and wait for the next minute. 


3 rounds - rest 1 minute between rounds

  • 24 MB Situps or Situps
  • 18 Pushups 
  • 12 Goblet Squats (72/53lbs) (53/35lbs) (40/25lbs)

You want these rounds to be quick. Whip through the situps and then try to give a go at the pushups unbroken before grabbing onto the kettlebell and getting through those squats. 

- Team 782