Friday, February 5, 2016

G'day 782!

With the impending storm expected to hit us Friday morning we are planning on being proactive in how we approach the day. We will keep you updated throughout the day on the schedule of classes and if we can get into the gym. With ladies night if we have to cancel classes and the night we can re schedule for next Friday night. I plan on coaching at 6am and training afterwards before the storm really hits hard. 

Stay tuned on Facebook for updates on what is going on at the box!


Barbell Complex

  • 2 Power Cleans
  • 2 Thrusters
  • 2 Push Press
  • 2 Jerks

You will start this complex off with a clean, most likely a power clean and then you will start in on your pressing movements. The thruster will most likely be the limiting factor here, but don't underestimate how tired you will be by the time you get to the jerks. Probably push jerks for most, but the option is there for the split. Unbroken. 


The strength will directly lead into the conditioning today as we won't be building up crazy weight in the strength, but rather building in weight during the conditioning. 

Teams of 3

ME Row for Meters + 4 rounds each of barbell complex

  • Partner A: Barbell Complex
  • Partner B: ME Rowing for meters 
  • Partner C: Rest

Partner A starts off with the barbell and does one set of the above complex. At that time partner B is rowing for as many meters as possible and partner C is resting. As soon as partner A finishes their complex they will move on to the rower, partner B will rest and partner C will start their complex. The next time through partner A will rest, partner will be on the barbell complex and partner C will start on their rower. Once each person has had a turn at each station you have completed one round. 

You will have 4 cracks at the barbell so you have 2 options here. You can start at a certain weight and stick with that weight for the entire 5 rounds or you can start at a lighter weight and build up in weight as you go along. For example: 95/115/135/145. As well for the rowing you can choose to row very slow and bring down your overall team number and save your energy for the complex or you can go all out and rest longer before hitting the complex and take your time through the other parts of the 4 rounds. You will have an individual score of weight lifted each round and a team score of how many meters rowed in total + a team score of how long it takes you to complete the 4 rounds. 

Can't wait for this one. 

- Team 782