Monday, February 22. 2016

The week of the open!!

The open starts this Thursday and the announcement comes out at 9pm our time. We'll have the gym set up to do the open on Friday and Saturday and people that want to do it later on the weekend can get into it as well. 

The announcement can we watched online at on Thursday night and we can discuss ideas this week to get together to watch that announcement. 

We also have another big announcement on deck. Registration is now open for the 782 competition and will be open exclusively for 782 members until March 4th. At that time we'll open up any other available spots to other gyms. Registration will be $100 for the team and you will be receiving shirts! We are currently sorting out what charity we will be supporting with the competition as well. 

Here is the link for the competition:



We'll take some time to build on the thruster from the floor as it leads into the workout. 


12min AMRAP

  • 9 Thrusters (95/65lbs)
  • 12 Box Jumps or Step ups
  • 15 MB Situps

Move well on this one. Don't rush from movement to movement, but be smart and effective in each exercise to keep your breathing steady. 

- Team 782