Wednesday, February 3, 2015

As we have our schedule for our announcements placed up now here is a list of upcoming competitions. After the open there are quite a few coming up and we hope to help those who want to get there be a part of these fun events!

  • February 25th - March 28th - THE OPEN OBVIOUSLY
  • Sat, April 9 - Sun, April 10 - Spring Fling @ CrossFit Saint John 
  • Saturday, April 16 - Festivus Games @ CrossFit Charlottetown
  • Saturday, May 21 - CrossFit 782 Comp!!

Don't be intimidated by these events. We are here to help you get to where you want to be. Let us know if you have any questions at all. 


T2B Progressions

  • Active Hang - Kip Swing - L Sit Hold - Knee Tucks/K2E/T2B

Take 10 - 15 minutes to work to the end of this progression. Do 2-3 sets of your progression with the T2B without a ton of volume again. We want to save that for the workout. We want to work on getting a good active swing, help get people to the bar, and work on efficiency for those that can string them together. 


Ascending & Descending Ladder

  • Box Jumps - 10 - 1 
  • T2B/K2E/Knee Tucks - 1 - 10

The way this workout works is that you go through 10 box jumps and then 1 T2B. Next round is 9 box jumps and 2 T2B. Next round is 8 box jumps and 3 T2B. Final round is 1 box jump and 10 T2B. For those of you planning for the open and doing it Rx this is a great little test of grip strength when you are tired. For those planning on the open scaled, do some work on the T2B in the skill session and hit really good K2E or knee tuck reps. 

- Team 782