Wednesday, February 17, 2016

You have all been killing it lately as usual!

The open is about a week away. We'll keep hitting some hard WODs and then start tapering down a bit come next Tuesday and Wednesday for the Open announcement on Thursday. If you haven't signed up yet, get CRACKIN'!

Just a reminder that we have skiing this Friday night!


Push Press Efficiency


4 rounds for time

  • 10 Push Press (135/95lbs) (115/75lbs) (95/65lbs)
  • 50 DU's or 150 SU's

We'll also take some time in the warmup and skill progressions to work on our double unders so that we can hit them really well in this workout. It should be a weight we can go unbroken in the first round, but may have to drop in the later rounds. Goal as always is to go unbroken in the DU's or SU's and keep your breathing as steady as possible. 

- Team 782