Friday, December 30, 2016

Time for a bit of a party!!

Here is a review of the schedule for tomorrow. We have our 6am/12/430/530 classes on as usual with a special workout to honour the year we have been given. We will have DJ Hype with us for the 430 and 530 classes and he will drive the party into the night after that. We'll have refreshments here, but you can bring what you would like to enjoy the night. People have been asking about bringing in food and if you would like to you definitely can, but it's not expected! The night will evolve from there and will take us somewhere downtown!

Now on to the workout!


Power Clean & Push Jerk Technique practice

We'll work a few reps here just to build towards the workout. You just want to hit enough volume to be ready, but not enough so that you are overworked before the start of the workout. Long warmup, but small amount of actual sets of the weight you are planning on using in the workout. Build up slightly what you plan on using in the workout. 



  • 30 Clean & Jerks for Time (135/95lbs) (115/75lbs) (95/65lbs)

This is a great workout to end the year on. Should be a weight you can throw around with good technique all the way through. Pace yourself at the beginning and hammer down at the end. Keep the barbell moving as much as possible with as little as rest as possible. Some people will go with a big set right off the get go and then get into singles, while others may kick it off with singles and find a steady pace from there. Whatever you do minimize the time the barbell is on the floor and just start churning out reps. In each class we'll do this with heats and judges to make sure you are pushing yourself through the 30 reps. 

- Team 782