Tuesday, December 20, 2016

Are we really that close to Christmas!? 

You know what? Seeing the look on all of your faces as you walk in and out the door of our new space has already our Christmas holidays amazing. This place truly is yours and we are lucky to have such a supportive, hardworking, enthusiastic, and caring crew that we do here at 782. Can't wait to keep doing what we are doing here over the holidays and start off 2017 with a bang. 

Our Holiday schedule and plans for holiday fun will be announced over the next couple of days. Remember that we have open gym here from 9am to 830 daily on top of all our classes. 

Hope you are all doing well this evening and see you tomorrow!

And just wanted to let you know we had 77 people through today just crushing that workout! Hope you all enjoyed it and safe to say we'll be testing that one again. 


Back Squats x 5reps x 5sets @ 65-85%

Building in weight we'll put these squat racks to good use. Still want to squat relatively heavey during this Olympic Lifting Cycle to keep those legs ready to lift. Start your first working set at about 65% and build from there to hit about 85% for your final set. 


7min AMRAP

  • 7 Box Jump Overs
  • 7 HSPU or Box Pushups or Pushups

Beautiful little couplet right here. Testing out our new walls and all!

- Team 782