Monday, December 19, 2016

Well hello there everyone. 

You may think you are in for a looooooong and boooooring post about about our new gym at 570 North River Road and how much we love all of you and couldn't have done it without all of your support and help and endless energy and wonderful personalities you bring into the gym everyday, but no, I am not going to write that post tonight. That needs to be save for a time when I can do it justice. Because right now I am just excited to tell you that I can't wait to see you all at some point tomorrow at our amazing new location at 570 North River Road. And don't forget that address because my over/under on people showing up to the Royalty Center is at about 7 right now. 

And without further ado here is your first workout at 570 North River Road, the new home of CrossFit 782!


Clean & Jerk Technique

We are in the midst of our Olympic Lifting Cycle so this fits in perfectly with what we are doing. The main focus today will be on the power clean and push jerk so we'll hit a few good reps in about 10-12 warmups before diving into the workout!


For Time:

Buy In: 70 DU's or 210 SU's

5 Rounds 

  • 7 C2B/Pullups/Ring Rows
  • 8 Burpees over the Bar
  • 2 Clean & Jerks (205/135lbs) (165/110lbs) (95/65lbs)

Cash Out: 70 DU's or 210 SU's

I am anticipating a few people through the gym tomorrow so we'll be running this workout in two heats. Just get into the workout and enjoy it. Make the clean and jerks heavy enough so you are doing singles right from the get go, but your form is solid. Move efficiently through the other two movements, but make sure you save enough energy for your barbell. 

Remember. Be at 570 North River Road tomorrow!

- Team 782