Friday, December 16, 2016

Hello there!

Sorry to have missed you all this evening, but I was out on the roads during the afternoon and MIke was in town and the roads were in rough shape and were expected to get worse as the evening wore on. I am just on a few different weather sites right now checking for the weather overnight and there are snow squall warnings, wind warnings, and reaaaaaaal cold weather. I am going to make a decision in the morning on what time we'll be opening the gym, but we will be open at some point tomorrow for sure given that is suppose to clear up as the day goes on. I can't make any promises about the 6am class as there is suppose to be more snow accumulating, but we'll see. Check on Facebook for your update.

Once this weather clears up we'll be in the gym on the weekend making some moves on the building getting all the work we can finished up for you to get in there as soon as possible. So close we can almost taste the workouts at 570 North River Road!!

For those of you coming in tomorrow we have a workout for you, but if you didn't get a chance to work on your snatches we can help you do that too. 


Power Cleans & Back Squats & HSPU

We'll be working on your power cleans and getting the bar overhead and on to your back. Similar to what we were working on when preparing for the Island Throwdown. We'll also be hitting a few handstands as they are showing up in the workout. 


11min Partner AMRAP - Alt. after two movements

  • 3 Power Cleans (185/125lbs) (135/95lbs) (95/65lbs)
  • 5 Back Squats
  • 7 Burpees 
  • 9 HSPU

The way this work is partner A does their 3 power cleans and their 5 back squats then partner B does their 3 power cleans and 5 back squats. After that Partner A will do their 7 burpees and 9 hspu and then Partner B will do their 7 burpees and 9 HSPU. We'll be teaching you how to safely put the bar on your back again and drop it off your back safely after you have completed your back squats. 

- Team 782