Thursday, November 10, 2016


Great little workout to get you through the middle of the week. Left me lying in a pool of sweat and feeling like my lungs and quads were about to explode. 

Can't wait to get after it again tomorrow!

Last movement for our 1RM testing before a little deload week and then some power training with our Olympic Lifts. 

For Friday we will be having open gym here at 782 between 1pm and 3pm. It gives everyone a chance to pay their respects in the morning, grab some lunch and then get into the gym. Last year we ran this day as an open gym as well and it was awesome. Gave a lot of people a chacne to test some hero workouts. We will post a list of hero workouts tomorrow so you have some options. Get a crew together of people you want to workout with and get in here to test out a WOD!!


Deadlift 1RM Test

Time to lift: 5-5-3-3-1-1-1 (1RM)

For the deadlift I have hadn't an extra single in there because it will take you a little longer to get to the weight you need to so that you can test your 1RM. Not a lot of extra volume, but you don't want to be making too big of jumps. Throw a weight belt on and get ready to lift!

Accessory Work

  • 30 Russian KBS
  • 30 1 leg KB Deadlifts (15 each leg)
  • 30 Supermans

Same sort of work as we saw Monday and Tuesday. Break up your reps as you need to. 

Move for quality and performance. 

- Team 782