Wednesday, November 30, 2016

The last day of November! Can you believe it!

Been a great few days of Olympic Lifting and people moving extremely well. Looking forward to see what you can do for the rest of the week and how everything will feel going forward. A lot of our focus on the Olympic lifts will be on our pulling strength and front squat strength and how that translates into our power. We did a lot of foundational strength for the past two months and tons of overhead squatting leading up to the Island Throwdown. 

For this week we have the contractors working away getting the building setup for us. This weekend, Saturday afternoon and most of the day Sunday, we'll spend moving the floors and a good chunk of the gear over to the new space. We are going to use the following week to test out the new gym and work out and kinks before start throwing down some workouts in there. The following weekend, we'll be ready to go and get the whole place rocking. Been an amazing 5 months getting this place off the ground, at the home stretch now and can't wait to start this new part of our journey with you all. 

We have had a ton of people coming through the doors over the past month and you guys have all been amazing at welcoming each and every member as part of our growing family. As we grow, we'll be adding classes, but also you will see more than one coach on the floor during some classes making sure everyone gets the attention they need and deserve. We have tested this out during some larger classes over the past couple of weeks and will continue to implement this system as we see fit!

Strength & Conditioning

3RM Front Squat Test

We have 6 racks in the gym now that we have move our pullup/squat rig over to the new gym, but this gives you more space to do your lifts and that's all we want your focus to be on today. You will most likely be in groups of 3 or 4, which gives you the rest you will need when testing something heavy like this. Group up with people of similar height and strength as you (height is more important here as you can easily strip weight off the bars) and start throwing some weight around. 

I would hit a rep scheme like this: 3-3-3-3-3(Goal Weight)

For example, let's say I want to hit 165lbs for my 3RM Front Squat. I want to hit enough volume so that I am warmed up, but I don't want to hit so much volume that I'm fatigued by the time I attempt this weight I'm going for. Hit 3 reps with the barbell and then I'd hit 3 reps at 95lbs. Something super easy and something I could do with my eyes closed. I'd then hit a set of 3 at 125/135lbs and i'd need to start focusing on making sure my movement is damn near perfect. You still should feel comfortable hitting these even at the last rep. For your 4th set you want something that is going to make you work for the last rep, let's say 150/155lbs so you don't have too big of a jump for you goal weight. Finally after a good rest, hit your final set and hit it with all the intensity you have in your body. Try to take consistent rest between the last 3 sets so your body stays warm and is ready to lift. 

We'll make sure you are plenty warmed up for this and get the gym rocking! The goal behind this test is that our 3RM front squat should be fairly closet to our clean and jerk max once the technique of the latter is solid. Gives you a goal to work towards, while testing out those squats. 

- Team 782