Island Throwdown 4.0

Just want to say good luck to all those athletes competing tomorrow at the Island Throwdown. 

Make sure you have your lunches packed and get in a good warmup before each workout. We'll be setting up a basecamp once we arrive so find the crew. If you have a 782 shirt throw it on for the first workout!

If you haven't seen the schedule yet registration is from 715 to 745 and the first heat kicks off at 8am. I'll be arriving there around 730 and will be there to answer questions and help get you all ready for the day. 

If you are free throughout the day come up and cheer on your fellow athletes from 782. 

Classes will be off tomorrow as all coaches will be up in Summerside competing or judging. If you want an at home workout try this out:

15min AMRAP

  • 15 Air Squats
  • 12 Lunges
  • 9 Pushups
  • 6 Burpees
  • 30sec plank

Little bit of everything thrown in there for you from lower body to core to upper body. All using your own body weight. 

- Team 782