Thursday, November 24, 2016

G'day ladies and gentlemen

WOD 3 for the Island Throwdown is just a grind. Find a personal pace where you can just keep moving. Break up the reps as you need to and when you do minimize your rest and get back on the bar or get right on that medicine ball again. Whatever that rep scheme needs to be for you do it. Just keep moving and shut your mind off for the grunt work. Pace out your burpees at even pace so you aren't resting too much on the WBS or the Deadlifts. Stay focused on one rep and one movement at a time as well and keep your breathing controlled. 

Gym is looking great and looks to be ready by the December 3rd weekend. Will keep you updated on how things are coming along! 

Strength & Conditioning

20min AMRAP

  • 10 Shuttle Runs
  • 15cal Row
  • 20 Plate G2OH
  • 25 MB Situps

If you are competing this weekend, but still want to get a workout in you can either go at a walking pace or you can cut it down to a 10min AMRAP or a mixture of the two. It should be done at a easy pace if you are competing so you can manage your energy levels. Some of you will still want to and need to move and if you do so pace yourself out to get that movement in, but to keep your body fresh and ready to go for Saturday. 

- Team 782