Tuesday, November 22, 2016

But who really likes burpees and thrusters anyway!

You all pushed super hard today and can't wait to see you bring that intensity to the workouts this weekend. If you aren't competing please come and cheer each and every athlete on as they grind through the day!

For the first workout it's relatively simple for how you should break it up. If the weight is heavy for you break it up early and take short rests between your sets on the barbell. If the weight is light go unbroken and rest accordingly through the box jumps/step ups and run. You can always go slower on those two movements, but it's good to keep the barbell moving. 


HSPU - Deadlifts - Box Jumps

We'll focus primarily on your positioning in the HSPU's. We'll work some freestanding handstands as well and help you with your technique on the different progressions. 


12min AMRAP

  • 6 Deadlifts (225/155lbs) (185/135lbs) (135/95lbs)
  • 6 HSPU or Box Pushups or Pushups
  • 6 Box Jumps

Rest 1 min after each round. 

Love this combination of movements together. Move with a purpose, but keep that technique solid through each rep. 

- Team 782