Sunday, November 21, 2016

Little Housewarming party for the evening so getting this up late!

Hope you are all enjoying your weekend and see you soon!


Strict Banded/Partner Pullups x 3reps x 5sets


Kipping/Butterfly C2B/Chin over Bar Pullups x 6-8reps x 3 sets


Bar Muscle Ups x 2reps x 3sets

Either focusing on strength with your strict pullups or working on technique and efficiency with your two other movements, the kipping/butterfly pullup or the bar muscle up. Not as much volume for those two movements as you want to save something for the workout. If you are working on your strength make sure you get in a good 5 sets. 


8 rounds for time

  • 2 Bar Muscle Ups or 4 C2B/Pullups/Ring Rows
  • 4 Shuttle Runs
  • 6 MB V-Snaps or 6 MB Situps

Some gymnastics work with a bit of cardio built in. Work on efficiency under duress. 

- Team 782