Wednesday, November 16, 2016

Only 10 days until the Island Throwdown!

Hope you are having a fantastic week thus far and are all ready for another great workout. 

As I said previously we are testing WOD 3 of the Island Throwdown. If you don't want to test the whole workout you can come in and hit bits and pieces of it for pacing or efficiency purposes. It is one of those workouts that is just going to be a grind either way, but it may be nice to know how it is going to feel before you have to throwdown. 


WBS efficiency & Deadlift Technique

Taking these two movements and breaking them down. For the wall ball shots we'll look at breathing and for the deadlifts how to move the bar efficiently. 


12min AMRAP

  • 20 WBS (20lbs/14lbs) (14lbs/10lbs) 
  • 15 Deadlifts (185/135lbs) (155/105lbs) (115/75lbs)
  • 10 Burpees over the Bar

Just a grind. Find a steady pace early on and just stick to it. 

- Team 782