Thursday, October 27, 2016

People just crushing some reps today.

Been working some specific skills as well and you are all working on bettering yourselves for the hour to be better for the rest of the week. Whether that be to have better posture, be more mobile, be stronger for work or family, or just be more athletic in general. Love seeing you all in here day in and day out having some fun and getting fit. 

Time for a little lung work!


DU progress & T2B progress

We'll take the first 10 minutes after the warmup to hit a few of these reps and work on improving both movements before we get into the workout. 


5 rounds - rest 3 mins between each around

  • 30 UB DU's or 90 SU's or 30secs of DU practice
  • 12 T2B or Knee Tucks or MB Situps
  • 9 Shuttle Runs
  • 6 Burpee Box Jumps

Little interval training here to kick off our Thursday. Go hard each round and earn that recovery. Going to be a longer workout, but don't pace yourself too much from the get go. Just get after it!

- Team 782