Friday, January 22, 2016

Hello Everyone!

Hope you have a great start to your week! Remember to check our announcement board for everything going on this weekend. 


Deadlifts x 4reps x 3sets

Take the first 10 minutes of class after the warmup to hit a few warmup sets for your deadlift before the workout. We are not looking to build up to a 4 rep max, but maybe hit a bit of weight that is heavier than what we'll be moving in the workout. Warmup slowly as always on this movement and watch your form. 


8min Partner AMRAP #1 - alternating rounds

  • 4 deadlifts (255/170) (205/135lbs) (155/105lbs)
  • 4 Shuttle Runs

The weight for the deadlift should be a little bit heavier than you are accustomed to given as it is 4 reps and you will get some rest when your partner is working. Maintain sound form. Your shuttle run is done from the edge of the platforms down to where the rowers are set up. Deadlifts will be set up in the lifting platforms.

8min Partner AMRAP #2 - alternating rounds

  • 6 cal row
  • 8 pushups

The rowers will be set up down by the mirrors and when you finish your calories, roll off and complete your pushups. Move quickly through this one. 

Some groups will start on AMRAP 1 and some will start on number 2. 

- Team 782