Monday, January 18, 2015

Hello everyone! 

It has been a great weekend here at 782. Everyone seems to be in prep mode for the open or the upcoming Blizzard Beatdown. 

Reminder that this Saturday we have our mobility seminar with Sarah Brown during the 11am class. As well that Saturday night we will be having a CrossFit 782 winter party at Juliette and Jamieson's place, 30 Horseshoe Blvd. in East Royalty. 


1 arm KB Swing x 6-8reps each arm x 3sets

This is a warmup movement before our KB Snatch, which we will see in the workout. Both have very similar characteristics as we get the hips to do the majority of the work. 

KB Snatch x 4-6reps each arm x 2-3sets

For this we'll work on control in the catching position so we can maintain stability in shoulder and wrist. We don't want the KB knocking back on our wrist and turning our shoulder out of position so there needs to be a ton of speed, but there also needs to be a ton of control. Don't go crazy on the volume as we'll have some work to do in the workout. 


4 rounds for time

  • 8 Burpee Box Jump Overs or Step Up Overs
  • 10 KB Snatches - 5 each  
  • 12 MB V-Snaps

Some very cool movements here. The burpee box jump overs you are just going to have to grind through. With our work on technique on the KB snatches, we should move the bell rather efficiently. We really want to show good control on the V-Snaps. We don't need to fly through these with sloppy work as we won't get the desired work from the movement. Keep good control through your core. 

- Team 782