Tuesday, January 12, 2016

First of all. Big day of squats coming up. 

Second of all, here are a couple of announcements to keep in mind. 

  • Saturday, January 23, 11am - Sarah Brown mobility clinic
  • Saturday and Sunday Jan 30/31 - Blizzard Beatdown
  • Friday, February 5 - Ladies Night
  • End of May - 782 Comp

We'll keep you all updated on the announcement board, but just something to keep in mind going forward. 


Back Squat x 20reps x 1set

Get it. 

After a few warmup sets, hit this hard. Don't do a ton of volume beforehand, but have a weight in mind you want to use. We did this a while ago so some people may have this number recorded and can adjust from there for this experience through a 20 rep back squat attempt!


  • 50 DU's or 150 SU's
  • 25 Burpees
  • 50 DU's or 150 SU's

All we can say is sprint. Sprint, sprint, sprint. Don't let your foot off the gas til you finish that last jump. 

- Team 782