Wednesday, September 9, 2015

Reminder for everyone to get signed up for the Island Expedition! Registration forms can now be found on the Facebook page!

We are switching a couple of things up for our strength cycle this week because of the Labour Day weekend. We don't want you squatting right after a heavy deadlift so we are going to have you doing your strict press tomorrow and your front squats on Friday. We still want to keep the days the same as some people have planned around these days!


Strict Press x 5reps @ 75%; x 3reps @ 85%; x MEreps @ 95%

5min EMOM

  • 3 Push Presses (at weight used in final set of strength portion)

Now we need to see you use your hips. And given that your shoulders will be toast you will definitely have to use your hips!


7min AMRAP

  • 7 Burpees on to a plate
  • 14 OH Walking Lunges

Something to burn the lungs mid week and get you back into the swing of things school wise!

- Team 782