Friday, September 4, 2015

The weekend is nearly here. 

On Labour Day we will be running one class. Time to be determined. Other than that the weekend schedule runs as it always does. 


Strict Press x 3reps @ 80%; x 3reps @ 85%; x MEreps @ 90%

Same structure as we always do. Keep everything tight on these reps. Last set shouldn't be crazy big numbers. 

HSPU Progress - Strict Reps & Holds


3 rounds - for max effort reps - alternating with a partner for each exercise

  • 20sec ME HSPU/20sec rest
  • 40sec ME Box Jumps or Step Ups/40sec rest
  • 60sec ME WBS/60sec rest

Partner A and B will alternate movements trying to accumulate as many reps as possible for each movement. 

- Team 782