Monday, September 14, 2014

Hello Everyone!

I just wanted to throw a huge thank you to everyone from CrossFit 782 over the past year. One year ago today a best friend of mine passed away and it has been a year filled with grief and heartache for all those who knew him. Everyone at the gym has been amazing in there support over this time even if you were unaware of this for me personally. 


Deadlifts x 5reps @ 40%, 50%, 60%

This is a deload week so you will hit 3 sets at the percentages shown above. Next week you will increase your numbers so use this week to hone in on your form and make sure everything feels good going forward. 

Box Jump Progressions

Take 10 minutes after the deadlifts to work on your box jumps, whether that be rebounding, practicing jumping from your knees, or jumping for max height have some fun with this. 


10 min AMRAP

  • 5 Deadlifts (225/155lbs) (185/125lbs) (145/100lbs)
  • 10 Box Jumps or Step Ups
  • 15 MB Situps

This may be the longest workout of the week and it has a bit of everything for everyone. Some core work sandwiching a cardio movement. Use a weight for the deadlifts that is lighter than you used for your last set in the strength portion. 

- Team 782