Thank You.

I wanted to add to Brett’s great post on Monday about CF782’s first year by thanking all of you for being part of our community … without you, this wouldn’t be worth doing and every day each of you give me a chance to come in and do something I love. 

The gym has seen amazing growth this year and we are working to give you more of what you want over the next year.

This wouldn’t be possible without a great team. Thank you to our trainers Sarah, Dixon, Jaymee, Anne for the classes you covered this year. We couldn’t do this without you guys.

Thank you Jeff and Todd. Not only were you guys instrumental in the formation of 782 but you both have been a huge help throughout the year with both coaching and management of the box and advice generally. 

Brett you've been a rock star all year. Not only has your positive attitude and energy been a great fit with our community but your programming has been instrumental in the significant gains we have all seen this year. We all really appreciate everything you put into the gym Brett.

Of course, I personally want to say thank you to Anne and Hannah for all of their support and understanding. Whether it was me getting up early to teach or staying late … or Anne doing another load of towels or Hannah studying in the office while I coach an evening class. You two have been great.

Once again, thanks to each of you for being a part of CrossFit 782.