Tuesday, September 1, 2015

It's September already!! 

Where did the summer go! Everyone seems to be moving well with the strength movements on Monday/Wednesday/Friday and tomorrow we'll see some strength work on our gymnastics skills. Take this just as serious as each and every squat you do. 

Reminder to get signed up for the Island Expedition as soon as possible!


T2B Strength Progressions

  • L Sit Hold x 15secs x 4sets 
  • Knee Tuck or L Sit Tuck x 2-4reps x 2sets
  • Kipping T2B or K2E or Knee Tucks x 4-6reps x 2sets

6min EMOM

  • 0: 5-10 T2B or K2E or Knee Tucks
  • 1: 150m run


4 rounds

  • 15 Pushups
  • 150m run

Simple, Short, and Sweet. Don't think too much on this one. Break up your pushups before you think you need to and use that run to give your upper body a break. 

- Team 782