Thursday, August 20. 2015

Sweet work today on the front squats. 

Hope you are all ready for some more technical work this Tuesday. 

There are a few people planning on going over to Moncton to watch the Dtown Throwdown. if you have any interest in going over chat with a few people if you want to car pool. Other than that no other announcements unless you want to check out the Reebok Tent Sale this weekend.


Hang Power Snatch x 2reps 

You will take 12-15 minutes to work up in weight on this movement. As you have seen our schedule is changing a bit going into the fall. We will still be Olympic Lifting, but our days will be changing and will still try to be hitting our Oly lifts twice a week. The big focus is on our strength movements. This is all technical work focusing on speed and positioning. 


6 rounds

  • 3 Hang Power Snatches
  • 6 Burpee Box Jumps

For the hang power snatches you will want to hit about 80% of what you finish with in the strength portion. Again this is about speed and positioning. 

- Team 782