Monday, August 17, 2015

Hello ya'll!

Great turnout on Saturday at Paddles PEI. Lots of fun on the water and under the sun. 

Just a reminder that we only have 2 yoga sessions left for the summer! Come out this Wednesday at 730 to check it out and improve your mobility!

We are starting our strength cycle this week to end off the summer and get us into the fall. We are going to be focusing on 3 movements each week with the barbell, the deadlift, the front squat, and the strict press. We are also going to be improving our gymnastics strength for our handstand pushups, our pullups, and our T2B. You will see more strength and accessory work and shorter workouts. We'll still Olympic Lift twice a week, but the focus will be on strength so we won't be hitting high percentages and the days will change a bit from our regular routine. If you have any questions about this talk to Mike or myself. The first week we are going to be establishing our numbers to work off for the next couple of months


Deadlift x 3reps x 3 sets  - Deadlift x ME reps x 1set

Hit your 3 sets for 3 reps to warmup at a relatively nice weight. On your 4th set hit a weight you can easily hit 2 reps with and see how many reps you can get. You should be aiming for a ME set that will leave you at 6-8 reps with good form. DO NOT LET THAT LOWER BACK ROUND. 


8min AMRAP

  • 4 Strict Pullups or strict banded pullups or 8 Deep Ring Rows
  • 8 V-Ups
  • 12 WBS


  • Hamstring smash with lacrosse ball and/or foam roller x 2mins each leg
  • Hamstring stretch against the wall (legs up on the wall) x 2mins

The workout you will go fast, but you will need to be controlled so you can get the proper training for your strict pullups. If you go out of the gate too fast you will find yourself staring at the bar for days. Steady your pace and don't get backed up at the pullup bar. 

- Team 782