Monday, June 6, 2015

Hello y'all.

Just a reminder of our schedule this week. 

Wednesday we have both a regular class and comp class on at 530. It is a great chance for those of you who can't stay for comp class during the weekend to give this type of training a try. We will have yoga at 730 afterwards. 

Great turnout for comp class this Sunday at 8am and our regular class afterwards at 10. 


Shoot Through Progressions 

  • Box, Paralettes, Kettlebells, etc. 
  • Focus on Proper Reps through your objects
  • 3reps x 5sets

Russian KB Swings

  • 7reps x 5sets - heavier weight than normal

Alternate between these two movements for your 5 sets


7 rounds

  • 7 Russian KBS
  • 7 Ring Rows
  • 150m run

Lucky number 7. And a run. Be strict on your ring rows. 

- Team 782