Thursday, July 30, 2015

Quick updates before we get into the workout. 

Beach WOD is this Saturday at 11am. A group will be meeting at the gym at 1030am to head out to the beach together. The workout is going to be at Tracadie Beach. Get everyone out to enjoy some sun, (hopefully). 

As well the 'Music at the Loft' at Clinton Hills is on Thursday nights, starting tomorrow and will run for the rest of the summer. We should plan a 782 group outing there one night. Social Committee are you on this??!! 


Weighted Lunges x 6reps (3each leg) x 4sets

After a nice warmup we'll work on a skill that is not done nearly enough (my fault, I know) because it will usually find any imbalances you have between your left and right leg. We'll work from a front rack position and walk across the floor for 6 steps building in weight if you feel comfortable with this movement. 


8min AMRAP

  • 8 V-Ups
  • 12 Step Ups
  • 16 Push Press WBS

A nice new little movement thrown in there today to make your lives a little more interesting. Try going for these unbroken the first round and see where you go from there. If you want to use weights for the Vups, great. If you want to weights for the step ups, great. 

- Team 782