Saturday, July 25, 2015

Hey everyone,

The workout for this Saturday is a fundraising WOD called "Griffin" in support of the son of Trudy at CF Summerside. Trudy's 10 year old son Griffin was recently diagnosed with a rare from of cancer and will require extensive chemo and radiation treatments at the IWK.

We will be taking donations at the gym during the WOD. Every little bit helps so please come on out to support a fellow CrossFitters family in a time of need. If you can't make it to the gym you can make donations online here:

The workout is 10 rounds for time of:

200m Run 
10 Wall Balls 
10 Box Jumps 
10 Supermans

10 rounds and reps because he is 10 years old. Running wall balls and box jumps are his moms favourite CF movements. And he is a huge Superman fan so they threw those in.

Looking forward to seeing you at the gym.

Team 782