Tuesday, July 21, 2015

Hello everyone. 

Great work today pushing some weight (including yourself) over head today. 

Will see you all in here Tuesday ready to squat it out! 

Just wanted to give a shout out to all of our athletes who competed in the hopper this past weekend. In no particular order. 

  • Sarah Brown
  • Brit Grant
  • Aaron Fitzpatrick
  • Aaron MacDougall
  • Jasmine McKenna
  • Sandra Flohr
  • Tanya Martin
  • Holly Cook-Stevenson
  • Jill Jeffrey
  • Caley MacLean

As well congrats to Aaron MacDougall and Tanya Martin who placed in the top 10 this weekend.


Back Squats x 2reps x 5sets

Some heavier weight to be moved today. After a big warmup for the hips we'll start squatting some solid weight before a bit of conditioning


4min AMRAP x 2 - rest 4 mins between AMRAPs

We'll do this in two heats so you can rest while your partner is working as we want to work out of the racks for this WOD.

  • 4 BW Back Squats
  • 100m run 


  • 4 1/2BW Back Squats
  • 100m run

The run is really weather and rain dependant as we didn't get to run today. If not we have a scale set for you inside. For the back squats we want you to move some heavy weight. If it's not bodyweight it is a heavy 4 and we'll help you base it off some percentages from the first part and your 1RM. A bit of a different workout and that is the beauty of CrossFit. 

- Team 782