Wednesday, July 15, 2015


Just a reminder to come to yoga class Wednesday night at 730!

We will be having regular class from 430 to 530 and 530 to 630 as well as open gym training from 630 to 730 before yoga. 

We also have our second day for running club start at 6 Wednesday night at the Running Room.


20 mins to work on the following complex:

  • High Hang clean
  • Low Hang Clean 
  • Clean

Build up to a heavy weight either in the power position or in a full squat or work on both. The high hang should be a short pull and the low hang should give you more distance to gain speed and finally the full clean should be extremely powerful even when fatigued


3 rounds NOT FOR TIME

  • 60 sec plank (on elbows
  • 20 sec active bar hang
  • 200m row
  • 200m run
  • 100 SU's
  • 1 clean complex (75% or strength portion final weight)

A lot of stuff in this, but a good chance to work on just moving and actively recovering that body after a tough couple of days. No rush through this one so be steady on the form during the plank and bar hang and try to hit nice looking reps on your clean complex during this portion. For the three things in between move at a 75% pace. 

- Team 782