Wednesday, June 10, 2015

Another beautiful day for a workout. 

With the weather becoming increasingly sunny outside we are looking for your ideas for some summer fitness activities. We have a beach WOD plan in progress and want to get out as much as possible to use that fitness we have been working on year round. 

Reminder again if you can send me your emails. We have the PR tracker up and running online and will be adding people shortly. As well I want to have a survey sent out by the end of the week. Thanks again.


1RM Snatch - 20 - 25mins

Here it is folks. The golden unicorn. It's that one movement that when done just right feels amazing, but more often than not it just feels wrong. If you are still working on your form go from the hang and hit a power position. This is just a starting point as well so don't worry if this isn't where you want it to be. I know mine isn't. We'll be hitting these again after an Oly lifting cycle. 


3 rounds NOT for time

  • 3 Snatches (65-70% of what you hit in the strength)
  • 15cal row
  • :30sec Active bar hang
  • 15 strict situps
  • 1:00min plank
  • 150m run

A nice recovery WOD after some work this weekend and into the week. Hit your snatches relatively light so you can get that form feeling good and then move steadily through these 5 movements. 

- Team 782