Thursday, June 4, 2015

First of all I want to congratulate everyone how has started on the Paleo Challenge. It is quite a tough task to take on such a major change like this, but it is a very important change to try to create healthier habits day in and day out. If you have any questions about it at any point don't hesitate to contact one of the coaches or Carol to help answer your questions. 

There will be yoga again this Sunday at 10:30am. Hope you all make it out if you can. 


Front Squat x 2reps x 5sets (85%)

We are taking down the amount of working reps from Monday, but we are increasing the percentage of your 1RM. 


15min AMRAP

  • 9 Squat Cleans (135/95lbs) (95/65lbs)
  • 12 T2B or K2E 
  • 15 Walking Lunges (L + R = 1) 

Starting moving and keep moving for the entire 15 minutes. It's long and you are expected to break up everything. If I were to do this workout I'd break the squat cleans into singles and break the T2B up right from the beginning. Just keep moving on the lunges. It's a long one, but that's what we need from time to time. Grind it out. 

- Team 782