Tuesday, June 30, 2015

Tonight is the night. 

See you at Charlotte's, 18 Lewis Crescent, at 7pm for the party of the summer. Come one and come all for a great time, some delicious food, and some serious dance moves. 

On Wednesday, July 1, we are having one workout at lunch time for all those that can peel themselves from their activities (or bed) and make it into the gym. 


Handstand Pushup Progressions

Take the first 10 minutes to work on your individualized progression. If you need to work on your strict HSPU's do those or if you just need to get up on the wall for the first time, get some help and get up there. 

8min EMOM

  • 0: 4 HSPU
  • 1: 40 sec side plank - each side 20 secs. 

This is a little test for our handstand pushups. For those that can do them strict they will be done this way and for those that are working on their first kipping handstand pushups we can mix and match some reps. 


8min AMRAP

  • 8 S2OH Comp: (135/95lbs) Rx: (115/75lbs) Fitness: (95/65lbs)
  • 200m run or 250m row

The first movement will test your shoulder, but more importantly your form, and the second movement will give you a chance to actively recover while spiking up that heart rate. Move efficiently through the shoulder to overhead and grind out that running. 

- Team 782