Saturday, June 27, 2015

Hello there!!

We have a little treat in store. 

First of all just a reminder about the big event of the summer. CrossFit 782 Summer Party tonight. Bring on the fun from the fitness team at 782. 


  • Long A** Warmup
  • Thruster Work
  • Pullup Work

Sorry for all those kids out there reading this. With any short workout like we have coming up we want you to feel extremely warm to hit something like this. We'll spend 30 minutes getting you warm and mobile so you can move fast and efficiently when the timer says go. 




  • Thrusters 
  • Pullups

I don't have as long of a history with this workout here although I have done it multiple times. It just always surprises me with just how difficult it is. Never underestimate this workout and when you come in to hit have a strategy and be willing to adapt to how your body feels as you go through it. After today's conditioning workout your body should be primed and ready to go and the soreness should be worked out (as much as it ever can be) from the squats we did earlier in the week. 

- Team 782