Friday, June 26, 2015

Hiiiiiiii there!

An update on the party for Tuesday, June 30. The address for the party is 18 Lewis Crescent at Charlotte Bevan's house and the party is getting started at 7pm. We will see you all there. 

Just a reminder about the running clinic. It starts Monday, July 13th at the running room and is free for all CrossFit 782 members. If you have any questions see one of the coaches or our very own running coach at the Running Room, Allan Callard. Here is the link.


Weighted Step ups x 5 (each leg) x 3sets

We have another awkward movement on our hands, but a very good movement for our balance, coordination and strength in our glutes and hamstrings. 


3 rounds - 1min work - 2min rest 

  • ME Run
  • ME DU's
  • ME Row

So a different little test of fitness tomorrow. It is a long workout! 27 minutes. But you are only working for 9 of those 27 minutes. It's a gut check test to go all out during your minute of work and then rest the two minutes before doing it all over again. It is also a partner workout where you will have someone coaching you and cheering you on during one of their minutes of rest. 

We also have a little treat for you on Saturday. 

- Team 782