Wednesday, June 3, 2015

Wednesday! Hump Day. Olympic Lifting Day! Wahoooooo. 

See you all soon. Great work today by the way. 

Short posting today. Keep on track with the Paleo Challenge and get ready for our next yoga class this Sunday!


10mins to build up to a 3rep Push Jerk (from the rack)

Take the first 10 minutes after the warmup to build up in weight for this movement for 3 reps. 


Part A: 10min EMOM

  • 0: 3 Push Jerks (80-85% of what you finished with in the first part)
  • 1: 45sec Plank Hold

Part B: 10min EMOM

  • 0: 10 cal row
  • 1: 30 DU's 

Move fast on the second part and try to get as much rest as possible. For the first EMOM be solid on the push jerks and focus more on keeping your core stable than moving a lot of weight. If numbers are bigger than 10 half of the class will start on EMOM B and the other half will start on EMOM A. If you don't have DU's work on them. That's an order. d

- Team 782