Saturday, June 20, 2015


I have a long and drawn out history with her. 

When I first started CrossFit back in 2011 I had no idea what a handstand pushup was, let alone a workout with 45 of them. In 2012, about two weeks before regionals I learned how to do handstand pushups and completed about half of Diane in 10 minutes. Brutal. 

The reason we first started learning handstand pushups was because Diane was the first workout at the 2012 regionals. 10 minutes after it started I was left staring at the wall with my shoulders fatigued to the point where I couldn't complete another single rep. Over the next few months I worked on my handstand pushups religiously day in and day out and at the end of that summer I completed Diane in under 7 minutes. Finally at the beginning of 2013 I completed Diane once more and completed the workout in just under 5 minutes. 

It's one of those workouts that will test your patience and your knowledge of your body. You will need to know when to rest and stick to a game plan so your shoulders do not fatigue after your first set of reps. Use your abmats as necessary and a box if need be, but make this workout a challenge for yourself both mentally and physically.


Handstand Pushup Progressions & Deadlifts

Work on form and weight. 




  • Deadlifts (225/155lbs) (185/115lbs)
  • HSPU

Hopefully that initial story got you fired up and ready for this workout. Attack it in a smart way and you shall come out on top. 

- Team 782