Saturday, June 13, 2015

Wahoooooooo. Saturday. 

Something a little different today. A nice little couplet for you Saturday enjoyment. 


Core Work & DU's

  • Hollow Hold x 20secs x 2
  • L Sit Hold x 20secs x 2
  • DU's x 10-20reps x 4sets

Doing a bit of core work to get everything firing in between you will work on your DU's if you don't have them and if you do have them you will work on them for the workout. 




  • DU's 
  • Situps

If you don't have DU's you have two options; you can do single unders (150-120-90-60-30) or you can do ASS & ABS ANNIE, which substitutes walking lunges for the double unders. Both are great options. Will see you tomorrow. 

- Team 782