Friday, June 12, 2015

Just a reminder!

Send me your emails. I want to get this survey sent out by the first of next week now and I only have about half of your emails. Thank you veerrrrry very much!

Farmer's Carries looked fabulous today. Some nice arms for the beach this summer coming around. 


Back Squat x 3reps x 4sets @ 80%

I want all these sets to be at or near 80%. After a warmup build up to this weight quickly and then go through these sets with adequate rest in between. 


Partner Chipper 

  • 70cal row
  • 60 Back Squats (135/95lbs) (95/65lbs) from the ground or rack
  • 50 Pullups or Ring Rows
  • 40 Clean & Jerks
  • 30 Burpees

This will be a long one and a taxing one. Breaking up the reps will be crucial and having a strategy from the get go will help you manage the work at each movement. My recommendations are break up the row into four separate chunks (20/20/15/15) so your pace can stay high and the same thing for the back squats. For the pullups and ring rows I'd break them up into smaller sets and the same for the clean and jerks. Grind through the burpees and collapse at the end. 

- Team 782