Thursday, June 11, 2015


Wonderful work from everyone today.  A lot of people moving really well. Today was just a starting point on our snatch as well as for our other PR movements. Now it's just time to put some work in over the summer and see where we end up in the fall. 

Time to work on some more awkward and functional movements. 


Farmer's Walk/Carry

  • 20m Farmer's Walk x 4sets (20m is about the length of the gym, water fountain to fan)
  • Max Distance Farmer's Walk (1min on/1min off x 4sets) 

Using KB's, DB's, barbells, or even plates with your fingertips we are going to work on the greatest strength of all, grip strength. After taking 4 sets to find out what kind of weight you are going to use to challenge yourself you are going to work for 1 minute and then rest for 1 minute carrying an object as far as possible. 


4 rounds

  • 10 Box Jumps or Step Ups
  • 40m Farmer's Walk (water cooler to fan and back)
  • 200m run

Something to test your fitness. A little jumping, a little carrying, and a little running. Something you could be doing everyday.

Slow is smooth, smooth is fast. 

Write that down. 

- Team 782