Wednesday, May 6, 2015


On to the next one. We have seen how well we can do and that motivates us for the next competition. It wasn't only the fact though that we all did well throughout the weekend, but what was evident throughout our entire gym and the entire experience was how closely bonded we were and became during the weekend. We would feel all the support from each and every member back at the box and with each and every rep we could feel the support from the fellow 782ers around us. That is the beauty of what we do here and why I love coming back each day. It is more than just the workouts. It is the people behind the workouts that make each and everyday in the gym and on the floor worth doing what we do. 


Split Jerk Progressions

  • 10mins to work on Split Jerk x 2 reps - from the rack
    • Try to hit about 4 or 5 sets increasing in weight and building on form for the EMOM.
  • 5min EMOM - 2 Split Jerks
    • Share a bar and rack with someone as necessary


5 rounds

  • 30sec ME row for meters - rest 15secs
  • 30sec ME pushups - rest 15secs
  • 30sec ME American KBS - rest 15secs

Time to get it. Just enough time to rest between movements. Move fast and efficiently. 

- Team 782