Monday, April 4, 2015

Home. Finally Home.

We will have a longer update tomorrow, but for today I just want to say how proud we are to be part of such a great community at CrossFit 782. The athletes, fans, judges, coaches, managers, and most importantly, people, we have at this gym is amazing. The support over the weekend was unbelievable and could be felt through each rep we completed and each photo posted to Facebook. Such a privilege to call CrossFit 782 my workout home. 


Deadlifts x 7reps x 3sets

This is a relatively long session for strength, but it is with a purpose. We always see long sets in a workout and we are never going to be able to get better at those if we don't do them in the strength portion. Move up in weight, but be safe. Pull through your hamstrings and keep everything through your midline engaged the entire lift. 


3 rounds for time

  • 7 Deadlifts (80% of final set of 7 deadlifts in strength portion)
  • 21 WBS
  • 63 DU's or 189 SU's

The numbers you may say. Figure it out. I do love patterns and this one is quite out there, but it is a beautiful system. Great chance to work with that skip rope. 

- Team 782