Friday, May 29, 2015

Hello all!

Thank you to everyone who emailed or messaged me with your signups for the paleo challenge and/or the mobility seminar. We are very excited here at 782 for the months and the beautiful weather we have to enjoy. There are a few more spots available to anyone interested for both the mobility seminar and the paleo challenge. 


Pullup & T2B Progressions


  1. Active Hang above the bar x 2sets x 15secs OR Strict Pullups x 3reps x 2set 
  2. LSit Hold/Knee Tuck Hold x 10secs x 2sets


  1. Kipping Knee Tucks/T2B x 5reps x 2sets
  2. Pullups x 5reps x 2sets or Ring Rows x 5reps x 2sets
  3. Pullup + T2B x 5reps x 2sets


10 rounds - alternating rounds with your partner

  • 5 Pullup + T2B or 5 Knee Tucks + 5 Ring Rows
  • 10 WBS 
  • 150m Run

Beautiful. That is all. See you all at 6am cause you sooooooo excited. 

- Team 782